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Casts Taught To Every Level and For Every Situation

Cast tuition is offered for all situations including beginners, aspiring improvers, advanced casts for difficult situations, and aspiring instructors. They can be for stillwaters, rivers or destination saltwater, although for salmon casting, a river would be preferred.

A selection (although not all) of the casts that I teach are:

  • Roll / Jump roll casts
  • Overhead casts
  • Side casts
  • River casts (slack line casts, aerial mends etc)
  • Distance casts (single / double haul, water haul, loop control)
  • Spey casts (single / double / snake roll / snap T)
  • Angle changes
  • Dealing with wind
  • Presentation casts

Safety is intrinsic to all of my lessons, as well as variations for local conditions such as wind or obstructions. I can provide all of the required equipment but if the client wishes to bring their own, this will give me the chance to check that their equipment is 'balanced' and working correctly.

All the client has to provide is:

  • Suitable clothing for the session
  • Eye protection
  • A Fishing Licence if the client would like to go fishing
  • A positive disposition!

Fees for Casting Lessons

As there can be so many variables involved, it is very difficult to simply quote a figure on the website for casting tuition.

From experience, the best method is to discuss your requirements in full including access, numbers, travelling distances, duration etc, and I will then carry out the necessary research in order to provide a fixed price in advance that covers all costs involved.

As a general guide, access to a fishery range costs from £14 per day for a small stillwater to £30 per day for a large river for Spey casting tuition. In some cases free access can be arranged and the customer is welcome to arrange his own venue if preferred.

As a typical average, I charge £30 per hour for up to two people and £45 per hour for 3-4 people, with a minimum of two hours tuition. I can cater for larger numbers, but to keep a good ratio of instructors to pupils, I would need to recruit the services of a fellow instructor which will increase the costs accordingly along the lines of the same ratio.

My fees offer an extremely competitive price especially when my experience and the quality of my tuition is taken into account.

I charge £30 per hour for up to two people and £45 per hour for 3-4 people, with a minimum of two hours tuition.

Please do not hesitate to contact Darren for further details.

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